Clear Fork strives to be a one-stop-shop in the environmental consulting industry.  We wish to provide our clients with as many environmental services as possible to reduce the headache with dealing with multiple contacts, multiple invoices, and multiple companies.  Clear Fork offers a wide range of services including, but not limited to the following:

     Phase II Environmental Site Assessments


Normally needed with a commercial property transactions, our Phase II ESAs meet and/or exceed ASTM standards E1527-05, E1527-13 and E1903-11.

     Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction (MDPE)


Mobile dual-phase extraction (MDPE) can be effective in removing separate-phase product (free product) from the subsurface, thereby reducing concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in both the saturated and unsaturated zones of the subsurface. MDPE systems are typically designed to maximize extraction rates; however, the technology also stimulates biodegradation of petroleum constituents in the unsaturated zone by increasing the supply of oxygen, in a manner similar to that of bioventing.

     Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal


Planning on selling your property, but currently have USTs which may be leaking?  Don't know?  Just want them gone?  Clear Fork has conducted many UST removals in Texas and New Mexico, and can help get your property cleaned up and ready to sell.

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     Phase III Remediation Systems


We are experienced in the installation, operation, and maitenance of remediation systems.  We have utilized mutiple technologies such as air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and free product recovery.  Although systems are an ongoing process, many systems provide an effective alternative to clean up a property.


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